Randy Picker Discusses Remote Learning on Chicago Tonight

Illinois Universities Give Remote Learning the Old College Try During Pandemic

Randal Picker, James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago, says that while it’s crucial these days to have remote learning options, he’s committed to maintaining as much of the classroom experience as he can as an instructor. “Our plan next Monday is to come as close as possible to recreating the University of Chicago experience,” he said. “That means I’m going to call on students just as I do, that’s the Socratic method. I’m going to ask them if they’ve read the material, they’re going to say they have, and we’re going to have a conversation. My goal is to make this technology like electricity – absolutely essential, but you only notice it when it’s not working. My job is to make it work. It’s a terrible time but I think we’re going to deliver high quality education through this medium.”

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