Anup Malani, Experts Release Investigative Report on Mistakes Made During the COVID-19 Pandemic

US should've attacked COVID like a foreign invasion, experts say. Have we learned any lessons?

Despite partisan divides, pretty much everyone agrees that America's leaders made mistakes during the pandemic. 

Now, a group of more than 30 heavy-hitting experts from the worlds of policy, public health, science, biodefense and patient advocacy has written a book reviewing some of those errors and making suggestions for avoiding similar ones in the future.

The book "Lessons from the COVID War," published Tuesday, is deliberate in its use of military metaphors. While COVID should have been attacked like a foreign invasion, too often, the nation's leaders were absent from the battlefield, they argue.

Group members held "listening sessions" with nearly 300 people and in the absence of a federal commission on the topic, they felt a duty to speak out about what they found.

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