Martha Nussbaum Speaks with Chicago Magazine about ‘Justice for Animals’

Bless the Beasts

Philosopher Martha Nussbaum has been developing the capabilities approach to human well-being and rights for decades. The theory, which builds on the framework of Indian economist Amartya Sen, argues that it’s society’s duty to nourish our ability to lead fulfilling, healthy lives.

In her new book, Justice for Animals: Our Collective Responsibility (out January 3), the University of Chicago law and ethics professor expands that realm to animals. As Nussbaum writes: “Each sentient creature (capable of having a subjective point of view on the world and feeling pain and pleasure) should have the opportunity to flourish in the form of life characteristic for that creature.” Factory farms, zoos, pet breeders — as well as what humans can do to advocate for and protect animals — all fall under Nussbaum’s discerning lens.

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