Malani Joins High-Level SE Asia Economic Panel from Asian Development Bank

Post-Pandemic Recovery: ADB Forms High-Level Panel for S Asia

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has formed a high-level panel comprising leading experts to tap into quick bounce back of the Southeast Asian economies after the coronavirus pandemic.

ADB President Masatsugu Asakawa has launched the panel on Wednesday where economists, financial analysts, health experts, central bank governors, and other senior officials are included.

The high-level panel includes Rema Hanna of the Harvard Kennedy School, Karen Tay Koh, former Singapore Ministry of Finance official and former deputy CEO of SingHealth; Ramayya Krishnan of the Carnegie Mellon University; Anup Malani of the University of Chicago; Raghuram Rajan of the University of Chicago and former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India and chief economist of the International Monetary Fund; Andrew Sheng of the Asia Global Institute; and

Nicholas Stern of the London School of Economics and also the former head of the United Kingdom’s Government Economic Service and former chief economist of the World Bank.

"We are providing a platform for ministers and well-known experts to discuss the immediate challenges posed by Covid-19 and identify areas worthy of additional analysis for the future,” said Mr. Asakawa at the first event, which was held virtually on 9 June.

“The second and third waves of the disease are possible—indeed likely—and further economic decline would be costly. Countries face a whole host of cross-cutting issues that affect people and businesses. They have already learned useful lessons and can benefit from sharing these with each other.”

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