Eric Posner Discusses ‘How Antitrust Failed Workers’ on New Books Network Podcast

How Antitrust Failed Workers

Today I talked to Eric Posner about his book How Antitrust Failed Workers (Oxford UP, 2021).

When anti-trust cases are brought forward, typically they involve monopolies exercising undue power in regards to products or services. Rarely do labor issues get the same treatment. Reasons vary from the previous power of unions, to the expense and risk of going to trial, to whether the potential for unfair, uncompetitive practices get scrutinized at all. Posner points in this episode to why the laws may need strengthening. Issues include stagnant wages, and the use and abuse of non-poaching, non-complete and arbitration clauses in the contracts that workers sign. Add in the practice of gig workers and rising inequality issues related to household wealth, and you can’t find a more timely topic than this one.

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