Eric Posner Discusses ‘How Antitrust Failed Workers’ with Boise State Public Radio’s Reader’s Corner

"How Antitrust Failed Workers" By Eric A. Posner

Since the 1970s, Americans have seen inequality skyrocket, and job opportunities stagnate. The reasons are multi-faceted, including the decline of organized labor, changes in technology, and the introduction of tax policies that favored the rich. But a missing piece of the puzzle is the consolidation of employers, which has resulted in limited competition in labor markets.

In his newest book, How Antitrust Law Failed Workers, Eric A. Posner documents the failure of antitrust law to address labor market concentration. He argues that, only through reforming antitrust law can we shield workers from employers' overwhelming market power. Posner’s book is a powerful guide for anyone interested in fighting economic inequality, and a primer on the true nature of the American economy -one that is increasingly uncompetitive and tilted against workers.

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