Congratulations to Hinton Moot Court Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to twelve University of Chicago Law School students who have reached the Hinton Moot Court’s semi-final round!

Ninety-six competitors participated in the preliminary round. The semi-finalists are:

  • Neil Conrad, ’13
  • Peter Davis, ’12
  • Jason Feld, ’13
  • Ehren Fournier, ’13
  • Timothy Grinsell, ’12
  • Rebecca Horwitz, ’13
  • James Kraehenbuehl, ’12
  • Sonia Lahr-Pastor, ’13
  • Daniel Lim, ’13
  • David Ogles, ’12
  • Matthew Riemer, ’12
  • Matthew Rozen, ’12

Semi-finalists will brief a new case and will argue in front of a three-member faculty panel (Professors M. Todd Henderson, Julie Roin, and Geoffrey Stone) during Winter Quarter. Four finalists will be chosen to argue this spring in front of a three-judge panel: Hon. David F. Hamilton (7th Circuit Court of Appeals), Hon. Sandra S. Ikuta (9th Circuit Court of Appeals), and Hon. William H. Pryor, Jr. (11th Circuit Court of Appeals).  

Six students were recognized for receiving honorable mentions in the preliminary round. They are:

  • Sheldon Evans, ’12
  • Wesley Griffith, ’12
  • Alejandro Herrera, ’13
  • Denny Ng, ’12
  • Josh Parker, ’12
  • Ian Rogers, ’13

Congratulations to everyone!