JSD Tuition and Fees

The annual tuition for the JSD Program during 2018-2019 is $6702. All students in the JSD Program receive scholarships to cover their full tuition charges up to five years after they have begun the program. Students who have been given permission to extend the Program beyond five years will be responsible for their tuition charges.

JSD students receive $20,000 fellowships for living expenses and free personal health insurance for each of the first two years they are in residence. JSD students may apply for a third year of fellowship and health insurance support if they are in residence for a third year. The Graduate Studies Committee will determine on a case by case basis if the third year of financial support is appropriate.

JSD candidates who are living in Chicago are required to pay the Student Life Fee and must buy individual and dependent health insurance or provide proof of comparable coverage. Candidates living elsewhere are not required to pay the Student Life Fee or the cost of insurance. The 2018-2019 estimated total budget for a JSD student in residence, including the cost of tuition, is $35,598.