Apply to the JSD Program


In order to qualify for admission to the J.S.D. Program, candidates must ordinarily have maintained at least a 178 average (approximately top 25% of the class) in their LL.M. coursework at Chicago or have a comparable record in another United States LL.M. program, must propose two or more faculty members (applicants to the J.S.D. Program should not contact Chicago faculty until after their applications have been approved by the Graduate Studies Committee) to supervise a dissertation, and must submit a dissertation proposal that in the opinion of the Graduate Studies Committee promises to result in a creditable contribution to legal scholarship.

The J.S.D. application process for Chicago LL.M. graduates and current Chicago students. Candidates interested in earning a J.S.D. degree will work with the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in preparing their applications. Once they are ready to submit their applications to the Graduate Studies Committee they will submit to the Associate Dean the following items: 1) a description of the topic the candidate would like to develop in the dissertation, 2) the names of the faculty  members the candidate would like to supervise the dissertation, 3) a current resume describing the candidate's academic and professional background, and  4) a statement describing why the candidate wishes to pursue the J.S.D. degree and how that degree will be useful in the candidate's future career. All of this material should be submitted to the Associate Dean at one time as attachments to an email message.. Applications should not be submitted until March 1 and the deadline for applying to the J.S.D. Program is April 1. The Graduate Studies Committee may defer a decision on the  application for current LL.M. students until the grades for the full LL.M. year become available.

The J.S.D. application process for J.D. or LL.M. graduates and current students of J.D. or LL.M. programs in other U.S. law schools. Unlike Chicago LL.M. graduates or current Chicago LL.M. students who already have many documents on file at the Law School, candidates who have attended other United States law schools must submit these documents as part of their J.S.D. applications. Please see a full description of the application process for non Chicago candidates.