Campaign Priorities

The University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact raised a record $257.5 million in support of the Law School. More than 8,300 alumni and friends came together in support of scholarship, faculty, and programmatic initiatives that directly empower all aspects of the Law School. For making these achievements possible, thank you! To learn more visit

At the University of Chicago Law School, ideas matter. We value the life of the mind, and we believe that legal education should devote itself to learning for learning’s sake. It’s this conviction that underlies our leadership in education and research — and it’s what sets us apart from everyone else.

The Law School aims to train well-rounded, socially conscious, critical thinkers and leaders. The faculty embrace diverse viewpoints and styles of thought, and they prepare students to think analytically, carefully, and thoughtfully. In addition to honest, no-holds-barred debate about the role of law in society, students learn and practice critical real-world skills, from agreement negotiation to oral advocacy.

Recognizing the importance of context, the Law School blends the study of law with the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. As a result, the Law School faculty’s groundbreaking research— from Ronald Coase’s Nobel Prize-winning work on economic efficiency to Harry Kalven, Jr., and Hans Zeisel’s work in understanding juries—has changed both scholarly and popular understanding of the law, as well as its influence on public policy. Your support is essential to the University of Chicago Law School’s continued excellence in both teaching and research.

Our greatest funding priorities are:

Faculty support. Your gift provides critical resources for faculty research, professorships, visiting professorships, research fellowships, and the D’Angelo Law Library.

Programs and Initiatives. Your support enables the Law School to maintain and expand its broad range of programs and initiatives, including the Doctoroff Business Leadership Program; the Kapnick Leadership Development Initiative; the Law, Business, and Policy Center; clinical and experiential programs, from the Abrams Environmental Law Clinic to the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights to the Corporate Lab; the Public Interest Law program; and the Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics.

Student Support.  These gifts allow us to offer scholarships and financial aid, summer internships and fellowships, and public interest post-graduate fellowships. This helps us attract students who might not otherwise be able to attend UChicago, and allows them greater freedom to choose their preferred career path.

Unrestricted support. These gifts support the priorities and highest needs of the Law School and ensure that it continues to attract and keep world-class faculty and exceptional students, offer a rigorous and innovative curriculum, and promote an intellectual environment that encourages collaboration and spirited debate. These priorities include the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic and the Annual Fund, which supports every aspect of the Law School, including classroom instruction, research, moot court competitions, and mentoring programs.

Campaign Cabinet

  • Debbie Cafaro, ’82, Co-Chair
  • Dan Doctoroff, ’84, Co-Chair
  • Jim Abrams, ’87
  • Leslie Bluhm, ’89
  • Tom Cole, ’75
  • Terry Diamond, ’63
  • Adam Emmerich, ’85
  • Steve Feirson, ’75
  • David Greenbaum, ’76
  • Dan Greenberg, ’65
  • Brett Hart, ’94
  • Jim Hormel, ’58
  • Lee Hutchinson, ’73
  • Joshua Kanter, ’87
  • Lillian Kraemer, ’64
  • Dan Levin, ’53
  • Emily Nicklin, ’77
  • Carla, ’82, and Tim Porter, ’80
  • Mimi, ’89, and Steve Ritchie, ’88
  • David Rubenstein, ’73
  • Richard Sandor
  • Mike Tierney, ’79
  • Bill Von Hoene, ‘80
  • Chuck Wolf, ’75
  • Barry Zubrow, ’79

Thank you for your investment in the Law School!