Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics

Dhammika Dharmapala gives the 2016 Coase Lecture

Institute Research

Making a Market for Corporate Disclosure
Kevin S. Haeberle and M. Todd Henderson

Making Doctrinal Work More Rigorous: Lessons from Systematic Reviews
William Baude, Adam S. Chilton and Anup Malani

Measuring Judicial Ideology Using Law Clerk Hiring
Adam Bonica, Adam S. Chilton, Jacob Goldin, Kyle Rozema and Maya Sen

Meet the Faculty

Kirkland & Ellis Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Arthur and Esther Kane Research Chair
Michael J. Marks Professor of Law and Mark Claster Mamolen Research Scholar
Professor of Law and Mark Claster Mamolen Teaching Scholar
Deputy Dean and Harold J. and Marion F. Green Professor of Law