William Hubbard, Coauthors Discuss New Book on the Supreme Court of India

A Court in Crisis? Interview with the authors of 'Court on Trial', a data-driven analysis of the Supreme Court of India

As the 75th year of the Supreme Court of India approaches, three experts in the legal field are changing the way we take stock of the court by bringing in a rare data-driven approach.

"Court on Trial", written by Aparna Chandra, Sital Kalantry and William HJ Hubbard, is an innovative, timely, and much-needed data-driven analysis of the performance of the Supreme Court of India.

The book focuses on answering six relevant and current questions on India's apex court, or as they refer to it in the very first chapter, a court in crisis.

The general public have so far had mostly only anecdotal and impressionistic accounts of how India's Supreme Court functions.

But these three authors have have offered diagnoses and solutions based on their analysis of years of data.

It becomes abundantly clear in the very first chapter of the book that writing this book was no less than a herculean task that involved efforts by several law schools, students and researchers.

It also seems to be a culmination of their decades long research into the legal field and various justice dispensation systems, especially India.

Aparna Chandra is associate professor of law at National Law School Bengaluru where she teaches and researches constitutional law, comparative law, gender and the law, and judicial process reform.

Sital Kalantry is professor of law and associate dean at Seattle University School of Law where she teaches contract law and human rights and constitutional law with a focus on India

William HJ Hubbard is a lawyer and an economist who is currently a professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School as well as editor of the Journal of Legal Studies.

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