William Baude’s Amici Brief in the Student Loan Forgiveness Cases Featured by Business Insider

Why 2 law professors who think Biden's student-loan forgiveness is illegal believe the GOP-led states that blocked the debt relief 'utterly lack standing'

Two experts who don't think President Joe Biden's student-loan forgiveness is lawful also believe the lawsuits blocking the relief should not prevail.

Biden's plan to cancel up to $20,000 in student debt for federal borrowers is having its day at the Supreme Court on February 28 after two conservative-backed lawsuits have blocked the implementation of the relief. One lawsuit was filed by two student-loan borrowers who sued because they did not qualify for the full $20,000 amount of relief, and the other lawsuit was filed by six GOP-led states who claimed the relief would hurt their their states' tax revenues, along with that of student-loan company MOHELA.

The latter case has particularly dominated criticism from those who support Biden's debt relief because they have argued that MOHELA is its own entity, and the states' cannot use it for its own legal defense. Many legal experts, advocates, and scholars even filed a series of amicus curiae briefs to the Supreme Court on Wednesday expressing support for Biden's plan, and arguing against the validity of the two lawsuits.

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