The Weeds Podcast Cites Dharmapala, McAdams, and Rappaport on Collective Bargaining Rights and Police Misconduct

Fixing the police

Jane, Dara, and Matt on what we know about police reform and its limits


  • "Unbundle the Police" by Derek Thompson, The Atlantic
  • "Why Are the Police in Charge of Road Safety?" by Alex Tabarrok, Marginal Revolution
  • Collective Bargaining Rights and Police Misconduct: Evidence from Florida, by Dhammika Dharmapala, Richard H. McAdams, & John Rappaport, University of Chicago
  • Reducing Racial Disparities in Crime Victimization, by Anna Harvey & Taylor Mattia, NYU
  • The Impact of Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Policing by Bocar Ba, Dean Knox, Jonathan Mummolo, & Roman Rivera
  • Police Employment, Officers Per Capita Rates for U.S. Cities
  • Glossary of Nonviolence
  • A Force More Powerful
  • Gandhi on Non-Violence

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