Video: Claudia Flores discusses the sham universities used to track down foreigners in the United States

US immigration officials set up fake university to track down foreigners

Perched next to a busy road, some 30 kilometers outside of Detroit, Michigan, is the campus for the University of Farmington.

The website described a college that would ‘prepare students to succeed in an ever globalizing economy.’

Except it wasn’t a university at all.

It was an undercover operation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security—a fake university to lure fraudulent recruiters, and foreign nationals ready to pay for documentation needed to stay in the country on U.S. visas without actually attending classes.


It is not the first time ICE has created a sham university.

In 2016, the agency set up the University of Northern New Jersey and claimed one thousand students were aware they were participating in a fraud.

“It’s been part of our government policy to try to set up fake universities with the intention of possibly catching recruiters and using this as a deterrent mechanism of some kind,” said Claudia Flores from the University of Chicago Law School. “And there are concerns of elements of entrapment to this although it is unclear what the students did and didn’t know.”

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