Tom Ginsburg on India's Constitution

'Constitution is among India’s greatest success stories'

Ahmedabad: With 1.46 lakh words, the Indian Constitution is the longest in the world. But it’s also flexible to reflect contemporary changes in society, said Tom Ginsburg, the professor of political science at University of Chicago and co-director of Comparative Constitutions Project (CCP). Prof Ginsburg was at Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) on Saturday to conduct a session on economic analysis of constitutional law.

“The Indian Constitution is one of the great success stories of the country. It has integrated a diverse nation and has withstood grave threats to democracy in the past,” Ginsburg told TOI. “It is an example of what I call a statutory constitution: it contains a lot of detail, including things that are left to statutes in other countries, and is frequently amended. It is also often interpreted by the Supreme Court, altogether leading to a vital constitutional culture. It is a living document.”

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