Tom Ginsburg Appointed Faculty Director of University’s Forum for Free Inquiry and Expression

UChicago appoints leaders for new forum for free inquiry and expression

The University of Chicago was founded upon the idea that academic freedom and freedom of expression are essential for the University’s work of education and discovery. For the past 130-plus years, the University has upheld those principles, becoming a leading advocate for the advancement of free expression beyond UChicago, including establishing the Chicago Principles, which have been adopted by universities and colleges across the country.

To further deepen its engagement on a wide range of issues related to free inquiry and expression, the University will launch the University of Chicago Forum for Free Inquiry and Expression this fall. In a Feb. 27 email to the UChicago community, President Paul Alivisatos announced the appointment of Tom Ginsburg, the Leo Spitz Distinguished Service Professor of International Law, as the Forum’s inaugural faculty director. Tony Banout will serve as its inaugural executive director.

The Forum is a result of faculty discussions to develop ambitious ways to support and advance the longstanding institutional priority of free expression. Further details about the Forum’s priorities and initiatives will be communicated when it launches this fall.

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