Sharon Fairley Discusses Release of Adam Toledo Video on Chicago Tonight

COPA Investigation Just Beginning as Community Responds to Toledo Shooting Video

Full video available at the WTTW website. 

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability delivered on its promise to publicly release video of the fatal police shooting of Adam Toledo within 60 days, but the agency’s work has just begun.

“Having video evidence is fantastic, it’s really important evidence, but it’s not the only evidence that will be considered when evaluating what happened here,” said Sharon Fairley, who previously served as chief administrator of the Independent Police Review Authority, or IPRA, the agency responsible for police misconduct investigations, the predecessor to COPA.

Now, COPA is investigating the Toledo shooting, Officer Eric Stillman’s use of deadly force and the actions that led to it.

“In these kinds of cases they’re going to be compiling all of the video evidence and looking at it from all the various angles,” Fairley said. “But it’s also important to understand what that officer knew going into the situation, there can be forensic evidence, other witnesses.”

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