Sharon Fairley Discusses the Derek Chauvin Trial with the Skimm This Podcast

Trials and Tribulations: Minneapolis, Myanmar, and Amazo‪n‬

First up: Derek Chauvin’s trial began this week. He’s the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd. We’re taking a look at what we can expect in the courtroom in the weeks ahead. And we’ll break down why America doesn’t have a strong track record when it comes to convicting police officers.

Then: It’s time for headlines. We’re bringing you news from the WHO, Pfizer, Georgia, and New York… and giving you the context on why it all matters.

Next: There’s a tiny but historic election going on in Bessemer, Alabama. Amazon warehouse employees there have voted on whether or not to unionize. We’ll tell you why this one small town is really getting under Jeff Bezos’s skin.

ICYMI: The situation in Myanmar is only getting more dire. After the military took over in a coup back in February, people are continuing to protest, with many protests turning deadly. We’ll tell you about the global response (hint: barely any) and what’s expected to happen next.

Finally: We asked: which quarantine habit are you most trying to shake? And a lot of you said: snacking. Here’s the deal: snacking is good for us. So we asked an expert how we can snack … smarter.


On this episode, you’ll hear from:


Sharon Fairley, professor, University of Chicago Law School, creator, Chicago's Civilian Office of Police Accountability

Rebecca Rainey, labor reporter, Politico

Krista Linares, registered dietitian, Nutrition con Sabor

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