Rappaport's Wandering Officer Research Eyed in Kansas

KAKE NEWS INVESTIGATES: Wandering officers, the danger they pose

“We found that officers who are fired, are more than twice as likely to be fired again, and twice as likely to receive a moral character violation,” Grunwald said.

These officers are more common than you think. Grunwald and his co-author, John Rappaport from the University of Chicago Law School, studied the phenomenon in Florida. They discovered, at any one time, the Sunshine State has more than 1,100 wandering officers in the line of duty. The questions is: can this happen in Kansas? They said, absolutely.

“Police officers can slip through these decertification databases and not be decertified, which is common," Grunwald said. "Even if they get fired, and you’re tracking firings, they can get through the firing databases, too, because they can leave while being investigated.”

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