Randy Picker Discusses the Tech Regulation Landscape

Is US Antitrust Action Against Big Tech Likely This Year?

The Democrats are pushing several bills in Congress to try to rein in the influence of tech giants such as Meta, Google and Apple before the midterms. In addition, the FTC under Lina Khan is pursuing action against them in the courts. 

BRINK spoke to professor Randal Picker of the University of Chicago Law School, who focuses on antitrust law, to find out where things stand.

PICKER: The current antitrust landscape in the U.S. is exploding. On the legislative front, we have a number of bills in both the House and the Senate of different status. Some of them are out of committee, some of them are more extreme than others, but sometimes having extreme bills on the table makes something that would otherwise look pretty extreme seem much less so. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is very clear that she only brings things up when they’re ready to be passed. She clearly hasn’t done that with this legislation yet. 

On the Senate side, Senator Klobuchar, my former law school classmate, got one of her bills through her committee in the last few weeks. Another one of her bills is up for markup. Again, it’s not clear where that’s going to go once we turn to the full floor of the Senate, and obviously they’ve got a legislative clock that is ticking incredibly rapidly as we head into the midterm elections.

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