Nicole Hallett, Students, Immigrant Rights Group Produce Report Finding Loopholes to Allow CPD to Share Information with ICE

Study suggests more loopholes in Chicago’s sanctuary law

A study released Tuesday suggests lingering loopholes allow Chicago police to share information with federal immigration authorities, despite activists’ hard-fought victory to strengthen the city’s sanctuary protections this year.

The 19-page report produced by a University of Chicago professor and immigrant rights groups indicates when police can give information to immigration agencies under the federal Department of Homeland Security. That includes the city’s much-maligned gang database as well as data collected at high-tech information centers from an extensive camera network, license plate readers and gunshot detection systems.

“The sizable trove of information about Chicago residents in the hands of the police creates an enormous danger for the city’s immigrant communities,” the report said. Chicago police “continue to use a vast network of technologies, which Immigration and Customs Enforcement can employ to target immigrants despite the Welcoming City Ordinance’s protections.”


“It’s very unclear to us what sort of check is being done to make sure that the reason that information is being requested is valid,” said Nicole Hallett, an associate clinical professor of law at the University of Chicago.

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