More Exoneration Project Clients With Cases Linked to a Corrupt Chicago Cop Have Convictions Dismissed

Dozens of convictions tied to a corrupt Chicago cop are being tossed, with more expected

Convictions of 14 people are expected to be dismissed this week, making 63 cleared whose cases were linked to a crooked Chicago cop.

The Exoneration Project, a free legal clinic at the University of Chicago Law School, says dozens more are waiting to have their cases heard.

Many of the convictions stemmed from ex-Sgt. Ronald Watts and his team of officers framing, planting drugs, or falsely arresting the victims, according to the Exoneration Project. The organization issued a news release Sunday announcing the latest rounds of dismissals.


Joshua Tepfer, an attorney with the Exoneration Project said, "There are dozens more with credible claims waiting to have their cases reviewed."

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