M. Todd Henderson: "Want To Address Climate Change? Look To Business, Not Government"

Want To Address Climate Change? Look To Business, Not Government

Earlier this year, President Trump reneged on America's promise to voluntarily reduce carbon emissions under the Paris Agreement. Although no one believes Paris was the silver bullet to address global warming, many believe it was a necessary first step. Walking away was easy, however, because the Agreement was never approved by the Senate, and therefore was not a legally binding treaty. Yet again, government has failed to address a pressing problem.

Thankfully, there are other ways in which people concerned about climate change can address the problem. And they don’t need to convince President Trump or any other politician that the problem is real or that their solution will work.

Instead of relying on government to compel carbon emitters to reduce their output, individuals worried about climate change should simply demand that the emitters do so directly. Buy an electric car, install solar panels, shop only for goods made in a carbon-neutral manner, and stop flying around so much. And then go further. Work at company committed to no environmental impact; donate your money to NGOs dedicated to addressing climate change.

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