Lois Casaleggi on the Pandemic’s Impact on the Bar Exam and Graduating Students

Career Services Associate Dean on Prospects for New Law School Grads During COVID-19

Lois Casaleggi, the associate dean for career services at The University of Chicago The Law School (“UChicago”), spoke with Attorney at Law Magazine about the changing career prospects for new law school graduates in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.  Casaleggi has worked in this field for almost 19 years. Fifteen of those years have been with the team at UChicago. She leads the law school’s career services team, working closely with students and graduates on their job searches and career goals.

AALM: Let’s start with the hypothetical. If the bar exam were unable to proceed in July, what would be the impact on the industry as a whole?

LC: The main impact would be one of delay in new attorneys starting work and, in some cases, for employment prospects, as some employers wait to hire graduates after they have passed a bar exam. This can be mitigated by limited practice rules allowing graduates to practice law under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

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