IRC Client's Deportation Blocked by Judge

Omar Ameen’s attorneys say judge has rejected efforts to return Sacramento man to Iraq

Iraqi refugee Omar Ameen has won a ruling from a federal immigration judge that bars the government from sending him back to Iraq because of the possibility he could face torture there, but the Sacramento resident’s legal fight is continuing after nearly four years in custody.

Ameen’s immigration lawyers said Monday that an immigration judge ruled against the federal government’s efforts to have him sent back to Iraq “because of the likelihood that he will be tortured upon return,” a victory that comes after an April 2021 ruling by a federal magistrate judge in Sacramento who ruled against the government’s efforts to extradite him and ordered his immediate release.


Shugall has been fighting the case along with her colleague Siobhan Waldron, Nicole Hallett of the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic at the University of Chicago Law School and Rachelle Barbour, one of Ameen’s Sacramento federal defenders who fought his extradition for more than two years in Sacramento courtrooms.

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