Geof Stone Responds to George Will Column on Same-Sex Marriage

'I Would Support Same-Sex Marriage... but for the Children!'

In a recent column in the Washington Post ("What comes after 'I do'?", March 15, 2013), columnist George F. Will trumpets a brief submitted by the conservative "Institute for Marriage and Public Policy" in the pending same-sex marriage cases for the proposition that the Supreme Court should be skeptical of social science data showing that children raised by same-sex couples are not harmed by having same-sex parents. Quoting the brief, Mr. Will cautions that such studies are unreliable because they have been "driven by politics and ideology."

Both the brief and Mr. Will have the argument backwards. It is those who would deny same-sex couples the right to marry on the premise that same-sex marriage is bad for children who must bear the burden of proof. And it is a heavy burden, indeed.

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