Futterman: Police Reform "Can't Simply Be a Deal Among Politicians"

Illinois Officials Ask Courts To Order Changes In Chicago Police Policies

Illinois' attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago in an effort to enforce changes to a police department plagued by systemic racism, unnecessary use of force and a lack of accountability.

Joining state Attorney General Lisa Madigan in announcing the lawsuit, was Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, reversing his position on whether the city needs strict federal court oversight to make significant changes in the troubled police department.


Craig Futterman, founder of the Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project at the University of Chicago says the mayor's decision to work with Madigan "is a recognition that the Chicago Police Department cannot rectify the systemic deficiencies that have led to the department's racist and violent practices without judicial oversight."

He adds that "this can't simply be a deal among politicians." Futterman says community groups need to be included in the process. "The people who have been most hurt by police abuse must also have ... a formal seat at the table," he says.

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