Forrest Deegan Discusses Ethics and Compliance on Podcast

What will make E&C programs more effective in 2022?

The most crucial factor LRN has identified in our years of research is that a values-based approach to governance is essential to ethics and compliance. It builds and sustains ethical culture, which is the essential element of effective E&C programs. But what does that look like today, as our world continues to be disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis and the aftermath of racial and political unrest? In this episode of the Principled Podcast, host Susan Divers, Director of Thought Leadership and Best Practices with LRN’s Advisory group, talks about how values can sustain ethical performance—and even excel—in the face of change and adversity with Forrest Deegan, Vice President of Ethics and Compliance for Victoria's Secret. Listen in as the two draw insights from the 2022 edition of LRN’s annual Ethics & Compliance Program Effectiveness Report—available now to download.

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