Exoneration Project advocates for victim in Baltimore policing case

Federal judge on alleged Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force victim: Who would've believed him?

Two years after federal prosecutors in the Gun Trace Task Force case took a young Baltimore man convicted of gun possession before a grand jury to testify against a dirty police officer, lawyers with the U.S. attorney’s office say they doubt his claim of innocence and are fighting his effort to get his conviction overturned.

An attorney for the man, Keyon Paylor, said the U.S. attorney’s office was “flip-flopping,” while U.S. District Judge Ellen Hollander questioned how Paylor would ever be able to convince the government he was innocent.

“We have to talk reality: We have a young man with a record,” Hollander said. “He continued to believe he had been framed, but was anyone going to believe him? … How was he going to convince anyone to believe him over a law enforcement officer?”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Peter Martinez, who handled the case originally, told Hollander that the Gun Trace Task Force prosecutors hadn’t run their efforts by him and that he believed they did not have a full picture of the case.

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