Craig Futterman on What's Needed in Chicago's Next Police Superintendent

Chicago Police Board Officially Picks 3 Finalists For CPD Superintendent

“I very much think, that this is a time for an outsider, coming with fresh eyes and also coming with the courage and the ability to say, this is a new day and we are going to break from the past,” said Craig Futterman, Clinical Professor of Law at University of Chicago Law School.

Futterman has overseen the implementation of the consent decree that now exists over the Chicago Police Department, after patterns of civil rights violations were uncovered.  “What’s most needed in the next superintendent is someone who has both the courage and the ability to rip off the Band-Aid. The courage to break the pattern of business as usual,” Futterman said.


Futterman said the next superintendent also has to have the courage to hold officers accountable when they abuse their power and to end the code of silence that leads to business as usual. The new superintendent, Futterman said, should welcome the community and outside scrutiny to help improve the department and make it what it needs to be.

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