Craig Futterman on What the New Chicago Police Union President Appointment Means in Light of his Controversial Past

New police union President John Catanzara rode a wave of controversy to popularity with fellow officers

Police accountability advocates who already see the FOP as an impediment to reforming CPD view Catanzara’s win as an even greater obstacle in that effort. They’re discouraged, in part, by his disciplinary background that includes dozens of complaints and several suspensions in his 25 years as a Chicago cop.

“This is a ... more vitriolic version and more reactionary version of the FOP than I’ve seen,” said Craig Futterman, a University of Chicago law professor who studies police discipline.


Futterman, the U. of C. professor, was especially concerned about this reprimand against Catanzara because of his apparent disdain for a cause that shined a light on controversial use of force incidents by police against African Americans across the country.

“That … tells you exactly where the FOP is with respect to regarding black Chicagoans’ civil rights, and that’s a really ugly picture and a really ugly sign,” said Futterman.

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