Craig Futterman Provides Analysis of the Derek Chauvin Verdict on 1A

A Jury Found Derek Chauvin Guilty. What Does The Verdict Mean To You?

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck, was found guilty of murder on two counts of murder and one count of manslaughter on Tuesday afternoon. It took the jury ten hours to return a verdict. 

The judge in the case, Peter Cahill, expects that Chauvin will be sentenced in the next eight weeks. The trial of three other police officers who were at the scene of Floyd’s killing will start in late summer.

It’s a historic verdict, but what does it mean for the future of policing and police accountability in the U.S? 

First, we’re talking with a friend of George Floyd, Pastor Patrick Ngwolo about what the guilty verdict means to him. Then, we take your calls with our panel of experts.


Rashawn Ray: professor of sociology, the University of Maryland; David M. Rubenstein Fellow in Governance Studies, The Brookings Institution

Craig Futterman: professor and resident dean, University of Chicago; founder and director of the Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project, University of Chicago Law School

Patrick “P.T.” Ngwolo: pastor, Resurrection Houston

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