Craig Futterman on Police Officer James Hunt and the need for external oversight

James Hunt, Cop Who Said He’s Killed ‘Mother——s,’ Shot DeSean Pittman 10 Times In 2014

CHICAGO (CBS) — A new federal Lawsuit takes aim at a Chicago police officer who went viral for claiming “I kill mother——s.” Turns out that officer did kill a teenager who was suspected of killing another man in a shootout in 2014.

CBS 2 Investigator Brad Edwards has been working this story for months. It’s a story in shades of gray that begins with a grieving grandmother and a viral boast.


Craig Futterman is a clinical professor of law at University of Chicago. He believes that it is implausible that these are the only instances of Hunt taunting young black men.

“I can only imagine it is the tip of the iceberg,” said Futterman.

Officer Hunt joined CPD on June 3, 2013. In less than six years, he has had eight accusations of misconduct filed against him. The complaints include use of force, false arrest, and racial/verbal abuse. When measured against his years of service, that puts him in the top 95th percentile of CPD officers, according to research by the Invisible Institute — a journalism watchdog organization.

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