Craig Futterman Part of Team Filing Motion in Federal Court Against City of Chicago for ‘Illegal, Violent’ Police Raids

Chicago Police ‘Illegal, Violent’ Raids Violate Consent Decree, Attorneys Say, Forcing City Back to Federal Court

A team of attorneys instrumental in the Chicago Police consent decree took legal action against the city Wednesday, saying it failed to make critical changes to stop a pattern of unconstitutional raids.

In a motion filed in federal court, the attorneys asked a judge to intervene, saying the city never responded to an enforcement action they sent last August in the required 90 days.

They also said the city failed to respond to a letter from the Illinois Attorney General (OAG) and a follow-up communication from the attorneys, again asking for a response.

“For over five months, the City has ignored multiple requests by the Coalition and OAG to collaborate on a resolution to home raid-related Consent Decree violations,” the attorneys wrote in Wednesday’s filing. “…Given the City’s obfuscation and the on-going violations by CPD officers, the Coalition is left with no option but to seek the intervention of this Court.”


“There isn’t evidence that a single officer has been held accountable for this stuff,” said Craig Futterman, one of the attorneys behind the motion and previous enforcement action. “And so, this enforcement action is an act of last resort.”. “And where’s the supervision? There are really easy common-sense fixes, because at the end of the day, what we’re trying to do is save people’s lives and to stop traumatizing people unnecessarily.”

The only officers who have been disciplined were those involved in the wrong raid on Young’s home, but only after CBS 2 fought for, and aired, the disturbing body camera video nearly two years after it happened.

“…It is one egregious example in a series of illegal, violent raids conducted by CPD over past years, for which CPD has failed to hold a single officer to account,” the attorneys wrote in the filing.

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