Craig Futterman on the New Chicago Police Superintendent's Need to Embrance Change

Favorite for Chicago police superintendent emerges as search officially narrows to three

University of Chicago law professor Craig Futterman, who specializes in police accountability issues and has been overseeing the progress of CPD’s reform efforts, said he doesn’t know enough about the candidates to determine who’d be best suited to run the department, but he said it needs a leader who isn’t afraid to break away from past practices that have put the department in a negative light.

“And that means things like … the courage to hold police officers accountable when they lie or abuse the public, the courage, just as importantly, to embrace the community as a real partner in reform," Futterman said. “We’re long past the incremental gestures toward reform. My experience in both monitoring and overseeing the consent decree just confirms that CPD just remains so resistant to change.”

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