Craig Futterman on Dismissal of Criminal Cases After Houston Police Officer Credibility Concerns

Harris County DA seeks dismissal of dozens of narcotics officer Gerald Goines’ active cases after botched Pecan Park drug raid

Craig B. Futterman, a University of Chicago law professor, said the dismissals were “entirely appropriate” and could signal coming indictments against the two officers.

“A good and ethical prosecutor cannot rely on the word of a known liar,” he said.

He said the case highlights the “significant harms” that arise when a police department allows unchecked abuse by failing to address officers who have been engaged in a pattern of abusive or dishonest behavior.

“There’s very little that is worse than putting an innocent person in jail or prison for something they didn’t do,” he said. “The harm to the family, loss of a father, daughter or son. The harm just accumulates.”

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