Craig Futterman Discusses the Chauvin Jury Deliberations with NPR's 1A

The Jury Is Out On The Derek Chauvin Trial

The country is braced for a verdict in the murder trial against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Closing arguments have concluded and jury deliberations have begun.

Officials around the country are making preparations for the announcement of a verdict. Facebook has ramped up its moderation efforts. It says it will crack down on posts mocking the death of George Floyd. President Joe Biden also says he is preparing for the increase in tensions that may flare if the jury returns a verdict favoring Chauvin.

The killing of George Floyd on that day last May – and the nationwide protests and police crackdowns that followed – pained millions of Americans.

And now, many have lost faith in a system that too often appears to allow police to commit acts of violence with impunity rather than hold them accountable.

Will this verdict be a turning point?

MPR's Matt Sepic, professor of sociology at the University of Maryland Rashawn Ray and professor and resident dean at the University of Chicago Craig Futterman join the panel for the discussion.

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