Craig Futterman cited in Washington Post on the New Approach to Chicago Police Reform

Chicago changes course, wants police reforms with court role

The city of Chicago changed course Tuesday and said it now wants to carry out far-reaching reforms of its police under strict federal court supervision, abandoning a draft deal on reforms with the Trump administration that envisioned no court role.


A separate lawsuit filed in June on behalf of community activist groups, including Black Lives Matter, also turned up political pressure on Emanuel. It also sought to scuttle the draft deal with Department of Justice, saying the absence of a strong court role was its fatal flaw.

A lead attorney in that suit, Craig Futterman, applauded Madigan on Tuesday. But he said city attorneys were still resistant to the idea that community-based groups like the ones he represents should have a say in what a court-enforced reform plan should look like.

“People affected by police abuse have to have a formal role and the mayor and his lawyers are continuing to say they’re not interested,” he said.

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