Craig Futterman on the Chicago Police Department's Failure to Meet Federal Consent Decree Deadlines

Chicago Police Announce Path Forward In Fulfilling Consent Decree, But Do Not Address Complaints About Missed Deadlines

The Chicago Police Department on Monday announced a path forward to fulfill a federal consent decree that took effect last year, just two months after the Illinois Attorney General’s office recently complained that the department had failed to meet the majority of deadlines.

The new plan also comes after reporting by CBS 2 Investigators on wrong raids by Chicago Police led to consent decree lawyers sending an enforcement action letter demanding that the bad raids stop and significant reforms be made.

If the CPD fails to comply, the lawyers are threatening to send the department back to federal court.

Police on Monday announced a Consent Decree Priority Plan, which they said will streamline priorities in fulfilling the consent decree for the rest of 2020. The department said the plan prioritizes outstanding projects and requirements and the city’s plan for compliance.

In a news release, police said since the consent decree went into effect in March 2019, the Police Department has made significant progress on several reforms – including an increase of in-service training and mental health support for officers, updated use-of-force policies, de-escalation and officer safety, and a new approach toward community engagement.

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