Craig Futterman Appears on CBS Chicago to Discusses Federal Oversight of CPD's Search Warrant Reforms

Chicago Police will now be held accountable for search warrant reforms under consent decree, following years-long CBS 2 investigation

The Chicago Police Department now faces federal court oversight, and mandated reforms, when it comes to the execution of search warrants after CBS 2's years-long investigation into wrongful police raids.

On Friday afternoon, a federal court judge granted a motion to change the CPD consent decree to now include oversight on the department's search warrant policies and procedures.


Craig Futterman is a clinical professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School and one of the lead attorneys who represent a community coalition in the Chicago Police Department consent decree. He explained what the addition of search warrant reforms to the consent decree means in practice.

"It means that wrong raids – that home raids that CBS has uncovered – are now governed expressly by the Chicago Police consent decree," Futterman said. "They are now under the supervision of a federal judge, and that means everything – everything from search warrant policies, training practices, CPD use of force, gun pointing at kids. Interactions with kids, discrimination, racism, the use of body cameras.  Actually giving people the opportunity to answer the door – reporting on this all going to be monitored by a federal judge and an independent monitor to ensure that everything the Chicago Police Department does is in compliance with the consent decree."

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