Claudia Flores on the Big Brains Podcast: U.S. Immigration and Hidden Abuse

U.S. Immigration and Hidden Abuse with Claudia Flores (Ep. 9)

The immigration debate continues to make headlines in the United States—from the government policy separating children and families to recent inquiries into funding of federal detention centers.

The Trump administration’s announcement of a zero-tolerance policy took many by surprise—but not human rights lawyer Claudia Flores. Director of the International Human Rights Clinic at the University of Chicago Law School, Flores and students in the clinic this May published a report along with the ACLU detailing rampant abuse of migrant children from 2009-2014.

“There is a variety of abuse that was taking place,” Flores said, noting that immigration workers called children “dogs” and “pigs.” It was so astounding that Flores titled the report, “I’m Going to Take You Back to the River So You Can Die,” after something that was told to a child.

In this Big Brains episode, Flores discussed the findings of her report, the history and future of immigration policy, and her career as a human rights advocate.


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