Chicago Maroon Highlights Immigrants’ Rights Clinic Asylum Work

Law School’s Immigrants’ Rights Clinic Provides Legal Aid for Migrants in Hyde Park

As the migrant crisis develops in Chicago, the Law School Immigrants’ Rights Clinic has offered migrants in Hyde Park some reprieve and provided aid in Hyde Park. UChicago law students and faculty run the clinic, which is a part of the law school’s Edwin F. Mandel Legal Aid Clinic.

During the fall quarter, the clinic provided legal aid and advice by assisting migrants in filling out change-of-venue forms, which are necessary to change the location of a court hearing from the originally planned location to Chicago. Migrants often have court hearings set in the states that they entered after crossing the border, but they move to another state before they can attend their hearings. The clinic also helped migrants fill out forms to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), a legal protection for migrants from designated countries to which returning might be impractical or unsafe. This protection can only be attained before a certain deadline each year.

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