Beth Kregor on the Need to Revise Chicago’s Emerging Business Permit

Mobile entrepreneurs need Chicago to update emerging business permits before time runs out

Mueller recently celebrated the opening of her second brick-and-mortar shop, though she believes her truck is still at the crux of her business model. But her emerging business permit expires in June, even though she’s still using the mobile boutique to grow her company.

“She started with the truck, and that got her name out there,” Beth Kregor, director of the IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago Law School, told me. “She started building up a base of really loyal, enthusiastic customers. That allowed her to start and brick and mortar shop and some pop-up locations.”

Kregor and Mueller, along with many other entrepreneurs, are hopeful that the city will resolve the issue before the summer season.

“I'm hopeful that a new license will allow entrepreneurs a lot of flexibility to develop new businesses,” Kregor said.

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