Alison LaCroix Predicts Further Constitutional Questions in 2023 for Project Syndicate

PS Commentators’ Predictions for 2023

Every December, Project Syndicate commentators identify the trends to watch in the coming 12 months. In addition to the now-perennial issues of climate change and COVID-19, Russia’s war in Ukraine and the global economy’s lowering outlook are understandably commanding much of the attention in this year’s installment. Still, with some commentators pointing to “green shoots” of renewed international cooperation in public health, climate, and other areas, it is not all doom and gloom.



The parallels between our current moment and a previous era of apocalyptic American politics – the decades just prior to the Civil War – will intensify. As one nineteenth-century congressman said of the period, “Almost everything was reduced to a Constitutional question, in those days.” The dynamic was similar during the early 1930s, when the Supreme Court struck down major parts of the New Deal. Now that so many political, economic, and social debates are again featuring constitutional questions, the role of the Court – and the tensions among deep-rooted values of democracy, judicial power, and the rule of law – will continue to be the subject of intense controversy to an extent not seen since then.

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