UChicago-Tsinghua Young Faculty Forum


By invitation only

The UChicago-Tsinghua Young Faculty Forum selected twelve scholars working in the area of law-and-social-science to present work-in-progress. Each paper will be given a 45-minute slot, which will begin with a brief, 15-minute presentation by the author, introducing the main argument of the paper. The presentation will then be followed by group discussion and Q&A for another 30 minutes.

The purpose of the Forum is to allow for open conversation with free flow of ideas and wide participation, in the Chicago “round table” style workshop. To facilitate this format, there will be no prepared comments by the discussants. All papers will be distributed and read by all participants in advance, to enable rigorous and broad discussion.

  • Day One -- UChicago Center in Beijing
    • Opening Remarks & Welcome
      • UChicago Center in Beijing
      • Opening Remarks, Dean Weixing Shen, Tsinghua Law School and Professor Omri Ben-Shahar, Kearney Faculty Director of the Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics, University of Chicago

    • Panel 1 - Governance and Institution in China
      • UChicago Center in Beijing
      • Moderator: Omri Ben-Shahar

        9:30am: Shitong Qiao Challenging Eminent Domain in the High People’s Courts: Procedure is the Key!

        10:15am: Break

        10:30am: Jiang WanDecentralizing Authoritarianism:  A Study of China’s Dramatic Expansion of City Lawmaking Power

        11:15am: Xin ZhangThe Paradox of Participation in China: An Empirical Study of E-Participation in Law-Making of the National People’s Congress (2005-2016)

    • LUNCH
      • UChicago Center in Beijing
    • Panel 2 - Corporate and Financial Law
      • Uchicago Center in Beijing
      • Moderator: William Hubbard

        1:30pm: Angela ZhangCorporate Loyalty to the Party: Evidence from Charter Amendments (with Zhuang Liu)

        2:15pm: Daile XiaRethinking state control over the PRC financial system: The black box of proactive intervention (with Li Guo)

        3:00pm: Break

        3:30pm: Wenming XuUnderstanding Public Enforcement of Securities Law in China: An Empirical Analysis of the Enforcement Outcomes of CSRC’s Regional Offices (with Guangdong Xu)

        4:15pm Simin Gao,  Prematurity and Incubator: Tradition, Transplantation and Bifurcation of Financial Development and Law in China (with Christopher Chen)

  • Day Two
    • Day 2 - Tsinghua University Law School
    • Panle 3 - Cutting Edge Topics in Law and Economics
      • Tsinghua University Law School
      • Moderator: Guobin Cui

         9:15am: Bingwan XiongSelf-Regulation in the Shadow of Public Power: Driving China’s Private Taxicabs out of Regulatory Dark Zone

         10:00am: Break

         10:15am: Ryan WhalenA Network Theory of Patentability: Towards An Empirical Measure of Paten Nonobviousness

          11:00am: Han LiuThe Chicago School in Beijing: Two Faces of Law and Economics in China (with Xiaoli Zhao)

    • LUNCH
      • Tsinghua University Law School
    • Panel 4 - Judicial Behavior
      • Tsinghua University Law School
      • Moderator: Ruoying Chen

        1:30pm: Chien-Chih LinDo Justices’ Scholarly Backgrounds Affect the Writing of Separate Opinions in Taiwan Constitutional Court?

        2:15pm: Zhuang LiuWhat Is the Leviathan Hiding? “Missing Cases” and Selected Judicial Information Disclosure in China