Hiring for Summer 2020

Kane Center

The clinical law program plans to hire a number of UChicago Law students to work in the various clinics in the summer of 2020. Paid summer positions will be open for the following clinics:

Each of these clinics seeks energetic, dedicated and motivated students for these positions.  Students selected for the summer program will be assigned to one clinic for the summer and will work on a variety of cases, transactions or other client matters. Students who work in the clinic over the summer are treated as returning clinic students in the fall and may continue with their clinic work during the following academic year.

The summer program runs from June 8, 2020 through July 31, 2020.  Students will receive approximately $5000 in compensation for the summer, payable as wages subject to withholding.  Students who work in the clinics during the summer are not eligible for research assistant (RA) positions during the period of the clinic summer program (June 8 – July 31).

Application materials, consisting of a questionnaire, cover letter and resume, may be submitted here from January 14th through January 19th.

Interviews will commence as early as January 20th.  Offers will be made shortly thereafter, with subsequent rounds of offers continuing to be made until all positions are filled.  Each student applicant will receive a single interview with a clinic faculty member.  Students will likely interview with a faculty member from the clinic that the student listed as their first choice.  If necessary to balance out the interviews and conduct them in a timely way, students might instead interview with faculty from the clinic that they listed as their second choice.  Either way, students should be aware that they are being considered for both their first and second choice clinics.  Students are encouraged to use their cover letter, if they wish, to elaborate on their preferences between their first and second choice clinics.  

Questions about the summer hiring process should be directed to Jeff Leslie, Director of Clinical and Experiential Learning, Room K206, jleslie@uchicago.edu.