The Record

Ginsburg and Huq
Constitutional democracy

How to Save a Constitutional Democracy

A Q&A with Professors Tom Ginsburg and Aziz Huq

Faculty books

Replacing the Board

Todd Henderson’s New Book Explores the Benefits of Outsourcing Corporate Governance

Parsons Dinner guests

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The Story Behind the Inaugural James B. Parsons Legacy Dinner

Justin Driver in his office
Faculty books

The Constitution Goes to School

In a New Book, Professor Justin Driver Explores How Education Law Became a Cultural Flashpoint

Tom Ginsburg

'Your Education as a Learned Professional Does Not End Today'

Professor Ginsburg Addresses the Law School Class of 2018

Hilary Krane

'Go Out and Create Your Greatness'

Graduation Remarks to the Class of 2018

book cover
Faculty books

When Fear Becomes Hope

In a New Book, Professor Martha Nussbaum Explores the Emotions Fueling a Political Crisis