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Faculty books
Professor Martha C. Nussbaum’s late daughter inspired a passion for nonhuman animals. Now, Nussbaum’s new book Justice for Animals extends her capabilities approach beyond humans, and her latest gift to the Law School establishes the Rachel Nussbaum Animal Law Scholarship.
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How the Law School’s IJ Clinic Helped Pass Illinois Legislation to Remove Entry Barriers for Barbers, Hair Braiders, and Other Business Owners
Dennis Hutchinson Retires after 40 Years, Leaving an Indelible Legacy in Law and Higher Education
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From their early days as Law School students, Frank H. Easterbrook and Daniel R. Fischel were ensconced in the Chicago way. Together they built a bedrock for understanding corporate law.
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The Law School’s Pre-Orientation Program Offers Participants a Chance to Build Community and Skills before Classes Even Start