Textbook Instructions

 You can find required and optional textbooks for a class via the Class Search function in my.UChicago.edu.

Click on the desired class

Class search in my.UChicago

On the following page see the Barnes and Noble link at the bottom of the page. If an instructor has posted required and/or optional textbooks they will be displayed via this link. Law School textbooks are primarily sold through the Barnes and Noble campus bookstore.

Link to Barnes and Noble

Please note that each Canvas site also includes a link to required and/or optional textbooks for each class.

Link in Canvas

The Barnes and Noble site will list hardcopy and ebook options which they are able to sell. If you would like to purchase an ebook only edition and do not see it listed, you may need to purchase that version through the publisher. (Barnes and Noble is not able to sell all ebook versions.)

You may wish to check the Final Exam Schedule before deciding whether to purchase a digital version of a textbook. If a class has a final in-class exam and does not allow internet access during the exam, you will want to be sure that you are able to download the textbook to your laptop in advance of the exam. Some textbooks are only accessible online or you may find that only a portion of a textbook can be downloaded. Therefore, in some cases it may be best to purchase the hard copy version of a textbook.